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cell-penetrating peptides (CPP)

The peptides in question are called  cell-penetrating peptides (CPP) and were developed by for example Jonathan McMurray and his research team at Kennesaw State University. McMurray took a viral protein fragment (from HIV) or another special tailored synthetic peptide  and attached it to Calmodulin, a human protein. What they made was a peptide that carries and delivers other drugs into cells. Yes, into. Not like the other carriers that never drop their deliveries. This peptide couples with the cells does its delivery and then leaves again. Which means none of the drugs go to waste, and you milk every mg of peptide you can from your dose.

It was found that the pathway employed by these peptides to get directly inserted consist in the following steps displayed in the scheme below:

a) The higher extracellular pH deprotonates fatty acids attracting arginine rich peptides.

b) The positively charged guanidinium groups bind strongly to the deprotonated carboxyl groups of fatty acids.
c) The pos…